Coton tige - L'Eco-tige - Ecoteeth
Coton tige - L'Eco-tige - Ecoteeth
Coton tige - L'Eco-tige - Ecoteeth

Q-Tips - The Eco-Stem

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Did you know ?
Surely you have already heard phrases like "Micro-plastics represent between 15 and 31% of the 9.5 million tonnes of plastic that end up each year in the world's oceans." "If we do nothing, in 2050, there will be more plastics in the oceans than fish".
What is the relationship with cotton swabs? Cotton swabs are among the top 10 most common garbage on our beaches. Every year tens of billions are sold. Most of them end up in our oceans and break down into particles called "micro-plastics" made up of chemical contaminants. These are particularly ingested by fish or found in sea salt that end up among other things in our plates. As proof of their dangerousness the government has put in place a law banning plastic cotton swabs by 2020. Let's take the lead and stop this disaster!
Eco-Stem's Complete your collection of 100% natural products with the fully biodegradable! The Eco-Stem will help you stop the use of micro-plastics. Once discarded, the Eco-Stem will at the latest a few weeks to completely disappear from the planet and gives you the opportunity to continue to reduce the impact of your waste on the planet.
The Eco-Stem is made of wood and cotton. Each lot includes 100 pieces.