About Us

Ecoteeth what is it?

Ecoteeth was conceived by two brothers with the ambition to want to change things. It all started on a trip during which we wanted to discover wild beaches. We then became speechless when we realized that the latter were infested with plastics of all kinds: packaging, bottles, plastic bags, toothbrushes ... It was an electroshock and an awareness for us!

The research then began: 7th continent, danger of plastic, micro-plastics, wastes discharged into the oceans etc. The human being was in fact self-destructing and leading in his fall the wonderful things around us (for the less informed like us before this realization, do not hesitate to take two minutes and do some searches with the keys mentioned above, you will understand). It was time to take action! But how ?

Initially we took actions at our level: reduction of our waste, more pronounced sorting etc. Then one of us went to live in Sweden where he discovered a much more eco-responsible lifestyle! So we decided to try to help in countries where we are less to become! And why we could not be too?

Through this shop we are trying to help you change some of your habits. Especially polluting the planet and your body! We offer alternatives (mainly focused on oral hygiene but not that!) That are closer to your habits, with the key eco-responsible and more!

So why toothbrushes?

It's important to know that every year more than 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes that end up in our oceans. As cotton swabs, plastic toothbrushes are among the most polluting everyday objects, 1.5 kg of waste is required to manufacture only one of these.

Why bamboo and not wood?

We chose to work with bamboo as much as this plant is quite exceptional! It is biodegradable, compo stable and has incredible properties. No fertilizer, no pesticides, no watering is necessary for its incredible growth, it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world (and therefore no deforestation!). Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and helps fight against plaque. So, it was quite logical for us to use it for toothbrushes.