Porte brosse à dents - L'Eco-tube - Ecoteeth
Porte brosse à dents - L'Eco-tube - Ecoteeth
Porte brosse à dents - L'Eco-tube - Ecoteeth
Porte brosse à dents - L'Eco-tube - Ecoteeth

Toothbrush Case - Eco-tube

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Did you know?
A toothbrush contains an average of 10 million bacteria including e.coli and other staphylococci! It can be contaminated by many sources within your bathroom as splashing during the washing of pipes of the whole family but also your flush! In fact, a study by the University of Arizona College of Public Health has caused bacteria and viruses that are thrown into the air when you flush the desired flush in suspension long enough to deposit on many surfaces. from your bathroom including your toothbrush.

We propose here an identical and eco-friendly solution (yes, yes again!) Allowing you to keep your toothbrush in a clean and ecological environment. The Eco-tube has been designed to minimize the contact of your toothbrush with bacteria in your bathroom. This compact and 100% natural storage solution allows you to enjoy the anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo while respecting a little more our planet!
Finally, most experts do not recommend leaving your toothbrush in an airtight environment, so two ventilation pants have been placed above and below the Eco-tube. These pants being big enough to let go have been and small enough to avoid the contact of your toothbrush with bacteria.
Usage tips
After using your toothbrush, simply rinse before placing in your Eco-tube. Remember to clean from time to time and do not let water stagnate at the bottom. Stagnant water is conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.

This case fits all toothbrushes sold in our shop.

Our little more anti-bacterial: For optimal efficiency, we advise you to clean the bristles of your toothbrush every 15 days by dipping in hydrogen peroxide or in a mouthwash containing antibacterial agents.