Brosse à dents Bambou - L'Eco-classique - Ecoteeth
Brosse à dents Bambou - L'Eco-classique - Ecoteeth
Brosse à dents Bambou - L'Eco-classique - Ecoteeth
Brosse à dents Bambou - L'Eco-classique - Ecoteeth

Bamboo toothbrush - Eco-classic

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EcoTeeth toothbrushes are made from 100% natural materials that are designed for the health of the planet and your mouth. It can be used for as long as a plastic toothbrush with the difference that the EcoTeeth toothbrush will disappear from the planet 1,000 times faster once used.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo provides a feeling of lightness and provides twice the strength of a conventional toothbrush. The grip and mouth feel are incredibly enjoyable.

This plant is biodegradable, compostable and has exceptional properties. Indeed, neither fertilizer nor pesticide nor watering is necessary for its incredible growth. In addition, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and helps fight against plaque.The use of bamboo in the design of the EcoTeeth toothbrush was therefore very important for us to finally give you the opportunity to link comfort and eco-responsibility.


All EcoTeeth toothbrushes are designed, as experts recommend, with soft bristles. Indeed, soft bristles can preserve the enamel of your teeth while avoiding damaging your gums. These bristles are made from castor oil nylon-610 and do not contain any health hazards such as bisphenol A (BPA), unlike most plastic toothbrushes. Finally, this model with rainbow colored hair will remind you how beautiful nature is or will just give a little color in your morning routine!


The life of your eco-friendly toothbrush is equivalent to a plastic toothbrush. It is recommended to replace it every three months, four toothbrushes per year. We recommend that you store your EcoTeeth toothbrush in a dry place and wash the hair after each use. We offer you in our category "Accessories" adapted locations.

Convinced? Do not wait any longer! Go bamboo! #BambooRevolution