Charbon - L'Eco-coco - Ecoteeth
Charbon - L'Eco-coco - Ecoteeth
Charbon - L'Eco-coco - Ecoteeth

Activated Charcoal - Eco-Coco

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The coal is one of the most powerful natural bleaching agents in the world and especially one of the oldest. It has been used for thousands of years for these natural absorbing, anti-bacterial or even anti-fungal properties. Remedy of our grandmothers, the charcoal is back in our bathrooms. We offer here a charcoal powder allowing you to use its natural whitening properties making your smile sparkling and eco-responsible.
Eco-coco is a 100% natural whitener made from high quality coconut charcoal. Without any chemical agents, this natural black toothpaste neutralizes bacteria, provides cleanliness and whitening of teeth without attacking dental plaque, leaves a fresh breath without artificial fragrance and takes care of the most sensitive gums.

This natural remedy can therefore be used in the treatment of some of your oral problems (yellow teeth, bad breath, tartar or sensitive gums) and will be extremely effective! Tested and approved by the entire EcoTeeth team!

Its 100% recyclable or reusable metal packaging will reduce your impact on the environment even more.
Usage tips
Tap the moistened bristles of your toothbrush against the surface of the charcoal powder and then brush your teeth normally.
Rinse your mouth thoroughly after a few minutes of use. If charcoal remains, continue to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth with water.

We recommend that you take 14 days of treatment using charcoal powder 1 to 2 times a day.

Indeed, few sellers specify it but it is not recommended to replace your toothpaste with activated carbon because it can have a negative effect on the enamel of your teeth if it is used daily over the long term. For an eco-friendly approach, we recommend using our Eco-solid natural toothpaste in addition to Eco-coco.

Close well and keep dry after use.