Dentifrice - L'Eco-solide - Ecoteeth
Dentifrice - L'Eco-solide - Ecoteeth
Dentifrice - L'Eco-solide - Ecoteeth

Toothpaste - Eco-Solid

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One thing is certain: you have to brush your teeth!But the toothpastes of large retailers, those found everywhere, are highly harmful, stuffed with dangerous chemicals (fluorine, triclosan, sweeteners ...).

The Eco-solid
To compensate the toothpaste of the big distribution we propose you our Eco-solid care originating from Thailand! This toothpaste is composed of different plants known for their benefits on the teeth and gums. It reduces bad breath, has an antibacterial effect, naturally whitens teeth and reduces their hypersensitivity. The recipe used has also been recognized as one of the most effective homemade toothpaste recipes (for the most courageous).

Camphor: Reduces inflammation of the gums, tartar, bad breath and whitens teeth.

Clove essential oil: Treats dental and antibacterial pain.

Peppermint essential oil: Allows fresh breath.

Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Lauryl: Allows the Eco-solid to obtain an adequate texture for brushing your teeth (present in very small quantities).

How to Use:
Put a small amount of Eco-solid on your wet toothbrush using the spoon provided. Brush your teeth properly for 3 minutes and let rest for a few moments. Then rinse your mouth several times.
If you want to get whiter teeth, we advise you to combine Eco-solid with Eco-coco for a quick and effective result.
Eco-solid can replace your traditional toothpaste.
As a reminder, essential oils should be used with caution and are not suitable for pregnant women and young children.