Bamboo Party Straws
Bamboo Party Straws

Bamboo Party Straws

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2 boxes of 100 straws per order

REDUCE THE USE OF PLASTIC IN WASTE: Help save the Earth, get rid of the plastic straws!

WILL NOT GET SOGGY OR SOFT: Paper straws are a good substitute for plastic, but they tend to become soggy after a short time! Our straws are sturdy and do not soften in liquids. These are reusable and strong enough to be used for a couple of drinks before being thrown!

IDEAL FOR TALLER MEDIUM DRINKS: These straws are ideal for cocktails, soft drinks, large coffee drinks and all drinks served in medium to large cups or glasses.

MADE FROM SUSTAINABLE WHEAT HAY: Our environmentally friendly bulk straws are made from a by-product of wheat production. After harvesting the wheat, the decomposable stems are used for various purposes, such as animal feed - and in our case, the consumption of straws!
Feature: eco-friendly
Material: wheat straw